There are many reasons why a manufacturer may try to get out of paying a claim for manufacturer defects, weird right? In this article, we will discuss things that you can do to prevent the unfortunate circumstance of losing part or all of your roof warranty.

Pressure Washing

Have you ever seen a roof that had moss on it? Moss is not good for the longevity of a roofing system. It will trap moisture which will serve as a detriment to your roof’s health and lifespan. In the past, we have seen homeowners take matters into their own hands and use a high-pressure wash to rid their roofs of dirt and moss. What they do not consider is utilizing a high-pressure system that can void part or all of their warranty.

Satellite Dish Installation

Have you ever considered installing an antenna or satellite on your roof? If so, please do not. Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, the extent to which you jeopardize your warranty may vary. However, there is typically verbiage that at least a portion of the warranty will be voided as a result of drilling holes into the roof. Especially with the accessibility to stream content, it just is not worth it.

Repairs Done by Contractors That Are Not Manufacturer Certified

So we have all heard of the “Chuck in a truck”, right? Most of the time, you can find this type of company on craigslist, or through a friend for cheap roof repair or roof replacement. Here’s the problem: If that company is certified by the manufacturer to install their shingles, you open yourself up to a wide array of issues. Most notably, voiding your roof’s warranty. It is best to always call a manufacturer-certified and licensed and insured roofing company in Peoria, IL to handle your roof repairs.

Installing a New Roof Over an Existing Roof

In some cases, installing a new roof over your existing roof may shorten or void your roof’s warranty. The additional heat that is trapped by the extra layer of shingles, coupled with the uneven wear and tear of the roof due to the second layer sticking to the first, is the reason for this. If you are considering a roof replacement in Peoria, IL and want to make sure your best interests are guarded.

Incorrect Roof Installation

Shingle manufacturers have stringent guidelines as to how they would like their shingles installed on a new roof replacement. For example, they consider how many nails are in each shingle, hitting the nail line on the shingle, length of the nail, and more! While these may seem inconsequential to most people, it is a very important aspect of ensuring your warranty stays intact!

Improper Ventilation

There are many types of roof ventilation systems: Ridge vents, solar vents, turtle vents, pipe vents, turbines, power vents, etc. While there are many options to choose from, some are more effective than others at regulating the temperature of your attic and ultimately your roof. Proper roof ventilation is necessary to extend the life of your roof and to keep your warranty intact.

At the end of the day, we all want to make sure that we protect our investments. That is especially true when purchasing a new roof for your home. This is why it is important to keep in mind all of the above-mentioned points before hiring a roofer and when considering any DIY maintenance to your roof. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy roofing company in Peoria, IL, ROOF TIGER is here to help.