When your business is up and running, a reliable roof is the best way to ensure that you stay in operation. Commercial buildings like warehouses, retail storefronts, and food-related establishments should have a roof that can withstand wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures of Illinois. A well-installed roof can last decades with regular maintenance. Still, if you wait for problems to turn massive before taking care of them, a simple commercial roof repair project can turn into a much more significant expense.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Calling a Commercial Roof Repair Company

When you’re wondering if your roof needs repair, start with these questions:


What is the lifespan of your roof?

Installation, preventative maintenance, and materials are all critical factors in determining the lifespan of a commercial or industrial roof. If you have one of the following commercial roofing systems, you can expect your roof to last between 20 and 45 years on average:


  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) has 22-30 years of life expectancy.
  • 20-30 years for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
  • 22-35 years for EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer).
  • Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System: 45 years and counting
  • 20-40 years for an asphalt system


The lifespan of your roof depends on several factors, but one of the most important is climate. Extreme temperature fluctuations and seasonal changes can take a toll on your roof, requiring you to make minor repairs throughout the year.


What is your roof made of?

The type of material your roof is made from can significantly affect how often you need to repair it. For example, an asphalt roofing system is cheaper initially, you might figure out that you’re spending a lot more on maintaining your roof than you planned on. But most importantly, the material of your roof — whether it’s asphalt or metal — can affect how long your business will be able to tolerate such costs.


When was the last time you repaired the roof?

Even a high-quality roof installed by professionals like ROOF TIGER requires maintenance from time to time. Detecting potential problems is essential for avoiding costly repairs or, worse, a total commercial roof replacement.


The best way to keep a commercial roof in good working order is to have it inspected every year by the experts of ROOF TIGER. They will be able to check for damage not visible from the ground and inspect every roofing component, ensuring it is in good condition. A detailed record of the original roof plan and inspection reports can help you stay on top of your repair schedule.


What are the signs of visible damage?

  • Roof membranes have blisters or bubbles. It can happen if too much heat or moisture seeps into the roofing structure, particularly on flat commercial roofs.
  • Pooling and standing water may indicate that something is clogging the roof drains. The added weight of the water stresses the structure and can fasten the deterioration of the roof surface.
  • Roof flashing that has been compromised or damaged. Flashings are just as necessary as the roof itself. If your flashing is compromised, wind, rain, and moisture from accumulated snow will enter your building.
  • Seals have deteriorated around any pipes, vents, or external systems that penetrate the roof. These flashings are the most common source of leaks. They are often installed incorrectly, and they are made of petroleum-based materials that degrade over time due to UV rays.
  • Punctures, cracks, and tears are caused by severe weather such as wind, hail, and ice storms. If you are caught in a storm, it is always a good idea to inspect your roof for visible damage. If you’re unsure what to look for, consult with a professional. Roof inspections are typically provided free of charge by most roofing professionals.


Do you have any water damage or leaks?

You may notice issues inside and outside of your building that indicate a roof leak.

  • Interior ceilings in commercial or industrial buildings can become stained and sagged.
  • Interior walls with dark spots or peeling paint.
  • A strange odor or mold grows on interior walls, corners, and ceiling panels.
  • Check slower traffic areas, such as storage rooms, for an unusual odor that could indicate a mold problem caused by a slow leak.
  • Vegetation and plant growth on your commercial roof may indicate a lack of drainage. This could also indicate that areas of your roof have developed cracks due to dirt and water accumulation.


Does your building deserve a facelift?

When your curb appeal looks a little shabby, it has a domino effect on your business’s overall look and feels. Every time you walk by your building, you’ll be reminded that it needs attention — especially if your roof is starting to fade or pieces of it are cracked or missing. Making needed repairs can help your building make a great first impression on customers!


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