What Is The Hype Around RoofTite Coatings?

The roof of our home and business helps in fighting various weather conditions. Whether there are storms, snow, or scorching heat, our roof does its best so that these do not damage our property.
So the roof plays a crucial role in protecting us. This is why we must take care of our roofs so that it keeps weather elements at bay? The roof coatings do this. The following blog will help you gain information about the coatings offered by RoofTite and why they are essential. You will also get to know about the process of commercial roof coating.

What Is A Roof Coating?

Roof coatings are, also known as roof coats, spray-applied surface protection that can be applied directly to the roof’s surface or the surface of an existing roof. The coating protects roofs by keeping water from invading your home and causing damage. It is usually made of acrylics, silicones, and other synthetic resins.

Benefits Of Roof Coating

Roof coating products are the most effective way to protect your valuable investment from the unavoidable aspects of nature’s elements. Here are some of the benefits you can avail of from using roof coatings:

Increases The Lifespan Of The Roof

This is the primary benefit of applying a coating roof to your house. This acts as an additional layer of protection that acts as a barrier between your roof and weather elements. The coating roof of your business can help it last longer and decrease the chances of damage. This also reduces wear and tear on the roof, saving you money on maintenance costs.

Roof Coating is Cost-Effective

Roof coatings are one of the most cost-effective roofing services one can get. By only changing the outer layer of an existing roof, total installation time is reduced significantly. Less time means less money and less material. Unlike other roofing solutions, you don’t have to do any demolition, which also adds to the overall project cost-efficiency.

Has Wide Applicability

The area you live in and the type of roof structure in your home have played a vital role in determining the roofing material. But this is not the case with a roof coating. These have a broad scope of application. Thus, they can be applied on most roofs, whether commercial or residential.


Environmental concerns are rising with every year in the world. Roof coatings preserve the beauty of a home, but they help preserve the environment as well. There are no toxic chemicals used to install a roof coating — instead, water-based materials are used to stick the coating onto the roof.

Easy To Install

Time is money, and roof coating helps you save both. The process of installing the coating is quick and straightforward. Some coating products are applied with minimal disruption — allowing homeowners and business owners to resume their routines while the work is being completed.

Get The Best Roof Coatings From RoofTite™

Now you have seen the various advantages that come with coated roofing and how this can enhance the ability of your business’s roof. But where will you obtain these roof coatings, don’t stress, as RoofTite™ can help you solve this problem?
RoofTite™ is one of the leading names in the roof coating industry that offers you the best commercial roof coatings available in the market. That can drastically improve your business’s roof’s performance. It is a brand that is brought to you by Carlisle Roofing Contractors.

Products Offered By RoofTite™

RoofTite™ deals with the following roof coating products line:

  • Silicone Coating
  • Acrylic Coating
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) 

Let us take a look at all these offerings in more detail.

Silicone Coating

Silicone is one of the most durable coatings available on the market. Silicone coating involves a layer of silicone sprayed on your commercial roof to provide additional protection. Silicone roof coatings are an ideal choice for applications in most climates, including extreme cold and heat and hot and arid climates.

RoofTite™LS Silicone

This is one of the most popular silicone coatings provided by RoofTite. RoofTite™LS Silicone is a one-coat, moisture-cured liquid silicone. This can be applied to numerous building surfaces for weather-proofing purposes — concrete, wood, steel, and earthen materials.

Benefits Of RoofTite™LS Silicone Coating

This silicone coating by RoofTite has the following advantages.
Stay Protected From Ponding Water
Silicone roof coating is highly waterproof. This coating is moisture-cured. RoofTite’s proprietary formulation prevents moisture from entering the structure. Its durability helps protect the underlying surface from ponding water. This will mean that it will not allow the roof to absorb any water once cured. Its durability helps protect the underlying surface from ponding water.
UV Protection
UV rays can cause a lot of damage to your roof’s structure. You should ensure that your commercial roof is protected against these harmful rays. LS Silicone coating is resistant to UV rays. They can reflect these harmful rays and not deteriorate your roof.
Can Withstand Tough Weather Conditions
No matter how extreme the weather, a silicone roof coating is up for the challenge. Engineered and innovative with high elasticity to resist the temperature change of the seasons, LS Silicone roof coating can help protect your business for decades!
You likely want a roof coating that does not need many repairs and can last longer to focus on the youtube business. This is precisely what you will get with RoofTite LS Silicone coating.
Easy To Apply
Installing a silicone roof coating is an easy job when comparing it with installing other materials. The installation of this roof coating can be completed in one day with a minimum investment of time and money.
Improves The Look Of Your Commercial Roof
The RoofTite™LS Silicone Coating offers superior performance and can also play a part in improving the look of your roof. This is available in various colors, other than the standard white.

Installing The RoofTite™ LS Silicone Coating

You need to know about the process of installation of your commercial roof coating so that you can ensure that everything is done correctly and as promised. Here are the steps are taken to install this roof coating:

Cleaning The Existing Surface

Before the flat roofing coat can be used, the roof surface is cleaned and dried. This is done to quickly spread the coating on the roof, providing the best results. Power washing or priming may be necessary before painting.

Mixing The Coat

After cleaning the roof, the contractor will then go on to mix the silicone fluid coating. It is not advisable to thin or reduce this silicon fluid coating before using it. The contractor mixes the coating with the proper machinery to have ensured a consistent vortex.

Applying The Roof Coat

After the contractor mixes the fluid, he will apply the coat to your roof. You can apply the RoofTite™ LS Silicone with various methods such as airless spray equipment, roller, and even a brush.
The contractor will start with applying the layer or layers of coat on the roof.

Acrylic Coating

These types of roof coating are also prevalent. Acrylic coatings are water-based paints that dry quickly and are made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic coatings adhere to various substrates, including wood, metal, fiberglass, and concrete.

RoofTite™ HT Acrylic

RoofTite HT Acrylic Coating is an acrylic, single-component, water-based coating system. It offers 100 percent latex coverage and can be applied via spray gun, brush, or roller for high tensile strength and elastic coating.

Benefits Of RoofTite™HT Acrylic Coating

The acrylic coating is popular and widely used because of its advantages to the customer. Some of them are listed below.
Superb Tensile Strengths
Today’s consumer not only wants a unique style and look for their business, but they demand exceptional strength as well. It helps to shed wind, snow, and water better than any other material available.
Easy To Install
Acrylic roof coatings are easy to install due to the substance being water-based. They can be installed quickly without sacrificing quality workmanship or disturbing your business activities.
Easy To Clean
When roofing systems become dirty, they diminish their appeal and limit the value received by building owners. With Acrylic roof coatings, there is no such problem. They are straightforward to clean due to their dirt-resistant nature and maintain their aesthetic appeal over many years.
Highly Reflective
The best part about acrylic coatings is that they’re highly reflective and UV resistant. This means your roof will stand up to intense sunlight and the elements — keeping your home protected and energy bills low.

ROOF TIGER Uses RoofTite Coatings

At ROOF TIGER, we understand the importance of the role that having a robust and sturdy roof plays for your business. This is why we use RoofTite coatings for roofs so that you get the best quality roof with a long life span and an attractive look. We take care of your roofing so that you can take care of your business.
If you also want to install roof coatings or any other roofing material on your roof, be sure to get in touch with ROOF TIGER. Contact us at (309) 505-7627 now.