If you live in Illinois or a neighboring state, you’re probably aware of the damage hail can cause to structures. Hailstorms can break windows, damage the structure’s exterior, and, most significantly, destroy or damage the roof.

Specifically, if you have got a commercial building in the Midwest, you’re most likely to be in a hailstorm at some point, and when that happens, damages are prone to occur. But how can you be ready for all of it?

The best way to protect your building is by maintaining your commercial roofing system with scheduled repair and maintenance. At times, hail damage can be simply unavoidable. In those cases, it’s important to know how you can minimize the damage and get your roof repaired as quickly as possible.


Inspect your commercial roof


A post-hail inspection is crucial if your property has been affected by a storm. If you’re not prepared, severe storms can cause serious property damage and even affect your bottom line.

The damage from hailstorms can have long-lasting effects on your building. It can potentially lead to leaking ceilings, wall discoloration, or water dripping from hidden cracks and leaks, so inspection becomes essential.


Beware of long-term damage


Even if there is no visible leak, once a membrane is hit by hail, the impact causes the membrane to become weak. This damages insulation and shortens its life expectancy. The impacts on damaged insulation cause dents and separation of facers from their inside and affect the roof’s strength and ability to sustain for a long time.


What are the signs of roof hail damage?


Hail damage is not always easy to spot, but there are a few telltale signs that you can use to find this kind of damage.

Hail will often leave small dents and nicks on your roof that can look like coloring from a marker or paint pen. It also cracks your shingles or tiles that will look like lines. Other than the typical lines, you might expect other kinds of damage.

Hail smashes through your roof and damages the surfaces around it. You’ll also see tears or cracks in your roof membranes and granular surfacing.

Hail storms also cause damage that you might not notice right away. So check your AC unit and other metal contents like coping and flashings for dents. This could be a sign of significant hail damage that’s hard to spot at first.

If you notice these signs on your commercial roof, it needs to be repaired immediately before long-term problems arise.


When does hail damage mandate roof replacement?


When your commercial roof is damaged by hail, the first step is to determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. The age and condition of the roof can affect how severe the damage is and how much it will cost to repair. Generally, replacing an older roof with a better one is more economical than repairing the existing one if it suffers heavy hail damage.

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