In this article, ROOF TIGER breaks down the do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor for roof replacement in Peoria IL.  


Ensure that your roofing company of choice is licensed.

If you do a quick search on the internet, you can typically verify with a state board whether or not the contractor holds a license.    

Verify that the roofing company has insurance.

The roofing company should be able to furnish a certificate showing that they carry the appropriate coverages.    

Check online platforms to verify the experience of past customers that have chosen to do business with this roofer.  

There are many different online platforms where you can confirm how other projects completed by this roofing contractor have gone.    

Ask family and friends if they have had any experience with this roofing company.

Friends and family are one of the best ways to get honest advice about a roofing company.  

Post in online community groups to see what other homeowners in your area have to say about the roofing company.

Outside of family and friends, other homeowners in the local community can be a helpful resource to utilize to get some honest feedback.  

Become educated on the manufacturer warranty and workmanship warranty that you can associate with your new roof.


Be forced to make a decision before doing your research –

Many companies will train their sales rep to push hard for a “one-call close”. This typically will not give you the time you need to make an educated decision regarding the prospective roofing company you are considering hiring.  

Only consider price when making the decision of which roofing company you will hire.

While we understand that price is important, so is the quality of roof installation and the quality of the products being installed. When making your decision to hire a local roofing company, make sure to understand the product that you are getting.  

Fail to fully understand the workmanship warranty and manufacturer warranty and what each of those means in the event of an issue with your new roof.

While most companies boast a workmanship warranty, be informed on what specifically that covers. Also, be sure to discuss installation methods with the roofing company. Improper installation of a new roofing system is an easy way for a manufacturer to invalidate their warranty.  

Sign a contract before verifying claims of customer experiences on review platforms.

Many roofers will claim to have a great reputation, be sure to verify their claims.  

Choose to get everything in writing.

While many things are being told to you during the process of selling a new roof and you should discuss all things. Furthermore, you should verify and put things into the contract.  

Making a decision to hire a local roofing contractor for roof replacement in Peoria IL is never an easy one. There are so many variables to consider which have an impact on price and deliverables. If you follow these steps above, you will minimize the chance of hiring the wrong roofing company.

Should you decide to have your roof fixed today, know that ROOF TIGER is here for you. Let’s discuss your residential or commercial roofing needs.