Winter is around the corner, and so are ice dams. But did you know that ice dams can cause great damage to your roof? If not, read on and find out what a roof ice dam is, how to identify one and why it should matter to you.

Ice dams normally form when warm air flows through your attic and meets the cold exterior of your roof. It can contribute to ice buildup on roofs, resulting in back strain from snow shoveling and dangerous conditions from falling icicles. This damage can occur any time, especially in climates that experience extreme cold winters.


What Causes Ice Damming On A Roof?

Ice damming occurs when the snow melts off your roof but refreezes at the edge of the roof called eaves. Ice dams are caused by several factors, including poor attic insulation, air leaks in the attic, and faulty attic ventilation.

How To Prevent Ice Dams From Causing Damage 

#1 The best way to prevent ice dams is to improve the insulation, air quality, and ventilation in your attic. Installing an energy-efficient gable or ridge vent will reduce heat loss through the roofing system, minimizing the melting of snow on the roof surface.

Roof vents help remove warm moist air that can cause ice dams. In addition, venting the roof deck will help prevent roof sheathing rot and allow trapped moisture to escape.

#2 Keep an eye on the temperature of your roof. When it starts to get real cold, keep an eye out for ice dams building up in shaded areas around your home. If you notice that they are accumulating, find the gutter closest to where it is happening and clear that off first.

#3 Keeping an eye on gutters and downspouts. Since the main function of these two things is to get water off your roof, they must be free from obstruction throughout winter. Leaving ice or snow in gutters for extended periods could cause them not to work properly when you need them to, leading to flooding in the home.


Hire Expert Roofers In Peoria, IL

In all cases – ice dams, icicles, or leaks from ice damming you need a roofing expert who knows Ice Dams!

There is a reason over 95% of ice dams roof leaks are not detected by the average homeowner or insurance company.

Be Safe and Smart! Don’t wait till it’s too late! If you need help finding out if you have ice dams on your roof, please reach out to ROOF TIGER or call us at (309) 505-7627. Our team will reach out to you to help you with your ice dams roof.