If you are a homeowner, then you must know the fact that a proper roofing system is much more than just the roof materials that are used. The roofing materials are popular and important because these are what the whole world will see. But the performance of a roof structure is defined by what goes under it as well. These components or parts of a roof are often unheard of and do their work without getting much attention, but their importance cannot be understated. Two of these lesser-known components are Soffit and Fascia.

Today we will take a look at what are soffit and Fascia and what these do for the perfection of your roofing system.

What Is Soffit?

More often than not, homes in Peoria have a roof overhang. This is the extension of the roof from the house siding. This acts as a shade and protects your walls from damage.

Soffits are the type of materials that are used to provide a cover for the underside of the roof overhang. Thus, you require soffit only when your roof has an overhang.

Not only roofs but soffits are also used to cover porches and other exteriors. This word has been derived from a French word, that means ‘to fix something underneath’.

Soffits are generally not visible from the outside unless you pay really close attention. But these do have an important role to play in your roof and home.

Materials Used In Soffits

There are many different materials used to create soffits, each having their own pros and cons. Let us take a look at some of the popular materials used in soffits.


Wood is one of the oldest building materials used in soffits. Today wood siding is still one of the most popular types in North America. They have a natural grain appearance that makes them visually appealing. That’s not all, they can be painted in a variety of different colors as well. Wood soffits can easily match the design scheme of your home. However, these require high maintenance.


Aluminum soffits have been in existence for quite some time now but has now been getting more attention, thanks to its benefits. Aluminum siding lasts longer than both vinyl and wood without rotting or attracting insects. The material is flame-retardant and prevents the siding from becoming too hot or too cold over time. On the other side, these are susceptible to dent and loose color.


Many Peoria homeowners now prefer Vinyl over wood. They have emerged as a new contender in the battle against weathering. They’re billed as being less labor-intensive than wood since they don’t need to be stained or painted. These soffits come in a variety of color options that you can choose as per your preference.

Fiber Cement

Fiber-cement soffits are a great way to protect your home. These are the sturdiest option available in the market. Soffits made from fiber cement boast a smooth finish that is stain and fire-resistant. You can also paint or stain it to match your decor. The manufacturers create Fiber cement by blending materials such as cellulose fiber, sand, silica, and Portland cement. This composition makes it highly durable — no matter how rough the weather gets.

What Is Fascia?

Fascia is an important component of a roof’s structure. It acts as the vertical edge that connects the roofing to rafters, trusses, or gutter attachments. It helps keep your roof structurally sound and smooths out transitions in roofing materials. It is the component underneath which the contractors install the soffit. Unlike soffits, these are widely visible and thus you need to clean and maintain it properly to make sure they give out a good appearance.

The materials that are used to create soffits are also used to make fascia and fascia boards. These are the following:

  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Wood
  • Aluminum

Functions Of Soffits and Fascia

As discussed above, soffits, as well as fascia, are important and essential for your roof overhang. It is necessary because of the functions they perform. Some of these functions are given below.

They Help In House Ventilation

The roof attic area is often neglected. Since the area is not much visited, the isolation can lead to the build-up of air and dust. To avoid this proper ventilation needs to be done. Soffits come with vents that help improve ventilation. Their main focus is to allow air circulation. The natural airflow helps to reduce the temperature of the roof as well as the attic area.

Improves Visual Appearance

You can improve the visuals of your home by upgrading the soffits and fascia. Though soffits may not be visible straight up, these can still help improve the beauty of the house so it looks good when seen up close as well. Peering underneath the overhang of the roof reveals wood beams that can be concealed through soffit systems. Thus, a soffit system along with fascia blends in utility with beauty.

Helps In Supporting The Gutter System

Fascia boards are an integral part of a functioning gutter system. These fascia boards help in supporting the weight of your home’s gutter systems during heavy rain and storms. They assist to provide a barrier that prevents water from overflowing. If the fascia is damaged, it can compromise the strength of your gutter, causing leaks or flooding.

Improves Home’s Value

Homeowners are now getting more advanced and now look for all the areas, however small they are. Now they not only look for the basics like roofing material and siding, they also pay attention to the soffits and fascia boards, too. While not exactly a deal-breaker, it will raise eyebrows — and ultimately affect a buyer’s first impression of the home.

Helps Save Energy

A properly insulated house is important. Soffit and fascia maintenance is one of the best ways to cut down on heating bills and save on energy costs. By keeping the bad weather at bay, you can help reduce your need for heat. If you notice that your energy bills are suddenly rising then it’s time that you contact soffit and fascia contractors near me for inspection.

Looking For Soffit And Fascia Replacement?

Now we hope you now understand how important are these unsung heroes, soffit and fascia are for your roof and why you should take care of them. If you are looking to upgrade your exteriors and are searching for soffit and fascia contractors near me on the internet, then stop your search. ROOF TIGER is here to help. We offer best-in-class repair and replacement services so that your soffit and fascia boards remain in good condition.