Here are some handy tips on how to care for and maintain your roofs. The following six tips will help you keep your roof in top shape, and they’re useful both for new homeowners and those who have gotten a little behind on their home maintenance.

Know the Best Roof for You

If you’re looking for the right shingle to install on your home, there are a few things you need to consider: how weather-resistant and easy-to-maintain it will be, as well as your budget. 

We’ll help you design a roofs that’s perfect for your home, not only during installation but also in the years after. Our team at ROOF TIGER will take care of everything — from the manufacturer and color of shingle, associated warranties to proper new roof installation! 

Inspect Your Roof for Vulnerable Spots

  • First, look around your chimney to ensure that it is sturdy and well-supported. 
  • Secondly, check the seal around your skylights to make sure they aren’t damaged. 
  • Third, look around vents to ensure that no animals have made them their home. 
  • Finally, look at your attic’s roof panels for damage or gaps in support.

Getting Regular Maintenance

If your roof starts leaking, water damage can accumulate in the roof materials, in the rooms right below the roof, and even inside the walls. 

While roofs are an essential part of protection against rain and other harsh weather conditions, they need to be kept clean and maintained routinely to remain functional.

You really should get your roof inspected regularly. ROOF TIGER offers roof maintenance programs that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact the Best Roofing Contractor in Peoria, IL

 A roof inspection, no matter how thorough, is never as effective as a professional roofing inspector who has clambered up onto your roof to check it out. With the right equipment and a keen eye for issues that trouble roofs — from mold buildup to brown streaking — a professional will find problems, your average inspector might miss. 

A quality roofing inspector can prevent problems from turning into major headaches down the line. ROOF TIGER provides a free inspection and our experts will brief you about the potential damage and solution. 

Best Time To Get Your Roof Checked

The spring and fall are the two best seasons for roof maintenance, so mark your calendar with the inspections. While you’re at it, remember to check for shingle damage as well! If you find any leaks, please let us know — we do roof repair work all year long! We are licensed and insured — so call us today!