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Roofing Company Services for Macomb, Illinois

ROOF TiGER is a preeminent roofing contractor ready to serve the 17K+ residents of Macomb, Illinois. Our family-owned company consists of local roofers working for homeowners and businesses needing roof repair or roof replacement. We also assess any roof storm damage suffered from wind or hail.

ROOF TIGER isn’t just a ferocious roofing company. We also offer solar services for Macomb, Illinois, and its surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free custom roof inspection and action plan.

Roof Replacement Services for Macomb, Illinois

Need to replace your roof? ROOF TIGER offers roof replacements for homeowners and businesses in Macomb. After one call, our team will conduct a free roof inspection before creating a strategic approach for roof replacement.

We are GAF certified and use high-quality materials like asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Best of all, ROOF TIGER offers competitive pricing and financing options, meaning you will never have to sacrifice the quality of your new roof because of the cost.

Roof Repair Services for Macomb, Illinois

The best time to deal with roof damage is the moment you see it. If you have a leaky roof or notice damaged shingles, sagging, mold, or rot, contact ROOF TIGER for a free roof inspection.

Our locally-owned company will visit your home or business in Macomb, assess the damage, and create a roof repair game plan that meets your needs — and your budget. Don’t delay any problems with your roof. Call ROOF TIGER to repair your roof today.

Roof Storm Damage Services for Macomb, Illinois

Macomb can sometimes experience severe weather events such as wind or hail. When the storms arrive, they can cause anything from minor roof damage to significant destruction, resulting in loose or missing shingles and debris surrounding your home or business.

ROOF TIGER is a trained roofing company that knows how to properly navigate a roof and spot potential damage. Following a free inspection, we’ll complete any storm damage roof repair or replacement at a competitive price.

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