Roofing Company Services for Glasford, IL

Repairing or replacing a roof requires high-quality materials and a team of experts that can do the job and do it right. That’s why all Glasford residents should make ROOF TIGER their local roofers. ROOF TIGER is a central Illinois-based roofing company that cares deeply about the community. In the event of storm damage, repairs, and replacements, our team will provide a free roof inspection and create a customized plan for your home or business.

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Roof Replacement Services for Glasford, IL

If you’re a home or business owner in Glasford, ROOF TIGER specializes in a roof replacement that utilizes the highest quality building materials for a price anyone can afford. Our roof replacement materials are GAF asphalt shingles and metal, ensuring a strong roof that lasts. Best of all, ROOF TIGER is competitively priced and offers financing options with low monthly payments. Call today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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Roof Repair Services for Glasford, IL

Over time, shingles can become loose, cracked, or go missing altogether. Water damage can lead to a leaky roof or mold and rot around the house. If you notice these signs, along with holes, dark spots, or any sagging, call ROOF TIGER today. Glasford residents can trust ROOF TIGER to handle their next roof repair. After our team of experts assesses all the damaged areas, we’ll work on a personalized plan to make your roof as good as new

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Roof Storm Damage Services for Glasford, IL

Severe weather that includes wind or hail can result in minor to significant roof damage. In the event of roof storm damage, call ROOF TIGER for a no-cost assessment today. ROOF TIGER offers a free storm damage roof inspection and can complete the work if any damage is discovered. Located just north of Glasford, our local team of trained experts will provide fast and efficient customer service throughout the entire repair or replacement process.

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ROOF TIGER was built to provide elite customer service & quality installations, at an affordable price.


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