Roofing Company Services for Elmwood, IL

A roof protects you as you care for and protect everyone inside your home. For Elmwood residents, the easiest way to ensure a high-quality roof for years to come is to experience ferocious roofing with ROOF TIGER. ROOF TIGER is a GAF-certified roofing contractor servicing Elmwood homeowners and businesses searching for roof repair or roof replacement. We were born and raised in central Illinois, meaning our team can visit your home or business and provide you with a free custom roof inspection and action plan.

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Roof Replacement Services for Elmwood, IL

Whether severe storms hit your roof or the years have taken their toll, a replacement may be the only option. To ensure the protection of your Elmwood home or business in the long run, look no further than ROOF TIGER’s roof replacement services. ROOF TIGER’s local team of experts will conduct a free roof inspection after one initial call. Every replacement uses high-quality GAF asphalt shingles and metal roofing materials. Plus, we offer several financing options with manageable monthly payments.

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Roof Repair Services for Elmwood, IL

Delaying a roof repair is one of the easiest ways to put your whole home in danger. Issues from water damage, to mold and rot, to cracked shingles are just a few reasons to call ROOF TIGER regarding an affordable local roof repair. With towns like Elmwood filling out our extensive service area, ROOF TIGER offers free in-person roof inspections. Once that’s completed, we’ll work to create a personalized roof repair game plan. Our team will keep an open line of communication from beginning to end, ensuring you know everything going into your roof.

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Roof Storm Damage Services for Elmwood, IL

Elmwood experiences its fair share of storms like the rest of the central Illinois area. In any high-intensity event leading to storm roof damage, it’s best to call ROOF TIGER as soon as possible. ROOF TIGER’s central Illinois roots mean we have experience navigating a roof and accurately identifying storm damage. Whether your roof damage calls for minor repairs or a complete overhaul, our local team will do the job efficiently and do it right.

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