Roofing Company Services for Bartonville, IL

ROOF TIGER offers exceptional professional roofing services to homeowners in Bartonville, Illinois. We are a family-owned roofing company with a strong commitment to the Central Illinois community’s health and well-being. ROOF TIGER is a professional roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacements, roof repairs, and roof storm damage restoration. As your local roofer, we’d be happy to visit your home and provide you with a free project estimate and a comprehensive explanation of the entire process if you’re keen to know more about a roofing project.

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Roof Replacement Services for Bartonville, IL

Deciding whether it’s the right time to replace your roof can be quite hard, even more so if you have never done so before. We also know that choosing the right roofing contractor is a tough decision. Sparing homeowners from going through such situations through top-notch roofing replacement services is ROOF TIGER’s mission. We take pride in our smooth chain of communication with clients, complete openness about all operations, and fast service. ROOF TIGER conducts free roof inspections for customers. We are highly responsive and easy to connect with all through the project. Also, as a GAF Certified contractor, we are able to provide you with a variety of asphalt and metal roofing solutions for your home.

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Roof Repair Services for Bartonville, IL

There is no gain in noticing roof damage and ignoring or postponing its repair or replacement until later. The ideal time to fix that problem is INSTANTLY! Procrastinating will only make things worse. ROOF TIGER is one of the best roofing companies you can hire for a roof repair. Our initial response will be to visit you and conduct a free roof inspection. Then, we will assess the condition of your roof and replace any missing or damaged shingles. Additionally, we’ll address any leaky roof issues in your attic or other parts of your house before they grow into massive money-sucking damages.

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Roof Storm Damage Services for Bartonville, IL

Storm activity has the potential to cause extensive damage to your roof. Among the most destructive weather conditions are hail and wind. Roof storm damage demands instant attention and replacement to prevent further damage and potential property loss. When it comes to replacing a roof after a storm, ROOF TIGER has been there to assist homeowners through this somewhat complex process. To discover more about your options if a recent storm has damaged your home, contact ROOF TIGER now! We make storm damage roof replacement absolutely stress-free.

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