Roof Storm Damage Services

Hail and wind are two of the most common storm elements that can result in roof damage. Roof storm damage is more likely to occur in the presence of long-lasting and strong winds or hails. In Illinois, you must file an insurance claim with your insurance company within one year of the storm's occurrence. The process of repairing any roof damage caused by a storm can be tedious and exhausting. ROOF TIGER is here to make this a simple and straightforward process. As your local roofer, we’ll visit your home, inspect for roof storm damage, and make your roof good as new.

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Roof Hail Damage

Hailstones are ice balls that are most dangerous when between 1 and 1.75 inches in diameter. Their compactness allows them to easily pierce through solid objects. Missing or damaged shingles are typical indicators of hail damage. The loss of previously unbroken shingles might be hastened by roof hail damage. Even if the roof still has shingles, they may need to be replaced. Watch for circular fractures and dents that indicate the point of contact. Broken or clogged gutters can also indicate hail damage. Verify that water is still draining appropriately from your downspout. Keep an eye out for any gutter bending or separation as well. ROOF TIGER can help repair the hail damage to your roof.

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Roof Wind Damage

Winds that reach 50 miles per hour are considered damaging. Indicators of wind damage include: Missing Shingles: Wind speeds of 60 miles per hour or more are a key factor in the loss of shingles that are already damaged or peeling. Noticeable Granule Loss: Storm damage causes noticeable granule loss in the form of horizontal lines. This is a visual cue that the shingle seal has been compromised. In addition, as shingles flap in the wind, granules are rubbed off and land on adjacent surfaces. Noticeable Water Infiltration: Wind-related damage is the primary cause of leaks that breach the roof of a house.

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