Solar Company Services

SOLAR PANTHER is a family-owned solar company focused on unleashing renewable energy solutions and solar services to homeowners in the Central IL area. We are solar providers bringing services such as the installation of solar batteries and solar panels to the homes of all our customers. As your solar contractor, we will carefully examine your roof’s solar potential and provide you with a free, customized estimate and design for your home. SOLAR PANTHER will guide you through all incentives attached to purchasing solar panels at the state and federal levels. Contact SOLAR PANTHER immediately if you want to reduce your electricity bills and become energy independent through solar panels and solar battery installation.

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How Solar Energy Works for Your Home

When sunlight strikes a solar panel, the photovoltaic cells within the solar panel system absorb solar energy. This radiation generates electrical currents that travel in reaction to the cell’s intrinsic electrical field, resulting in electric power supply. As your solar power company, we’ll employ concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) systems to mirror and focus sun rays onto receivers that capture and transform solar energy to heat which may then be used to provide solar power for your home, reducing your reliance on the national electricity grid.

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Solar Panel Installation Services

It is possible to generate electricity from the sun’s energy by installing solar panels in your home or business. The solar panel system is most commonly installed on building rooftops or isolated facilities. Adding solar panels to your house will help you save money on energy bills. Installing solar panels for a home and connecting them to your power source requires a trained professional with years of experience. As the best solar panel company in Central IL, SOLAR PANTHER will take care of everything.

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Solar Battery Installation Services

Solar batteries are utilized to collect the electrical current produced by photovoltaic cells in the solar panel system during peak solar radiation periods. The stored solar energy may then be used to provide solar power for your home when the photovoltaic cells do not produce sufficient electrical currents, like during nighttime, cloudy weather, or blackouts. In addition, the utilization of a solar battery makes it feasible to produce a higher current intensity than the photovoltaic cells can produce when working. This would be the situation if many electrical appliances were utilized simultaneously.

Save Up To 30%

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