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ROOF TIGER is located in Peoria, IL and provides roofing services throughout the Central, IL area.


Roofing Company Services

ROOF TIGER is pleased to be a Peoria, Illinois-based roofing contractor serving residents within a 90-mile radius. We are a family-owned roofing company fully devoted to the community’s well-being. Roof replacement, roof repair, and roof storm damage restoration are all services we provide.

If you’re keen to know more about a roofing service, we’d be glad to pay you a home visit and provide you with a free inspection, project estimate, and a thorough explanation of the entire process.

Roof Replacement Services

Deciding whether your home needs a roof replacement now or wait a little longer can be tough, particularly if you’ve never done so before. And as your local roofer, we genuinely care for all homeowners passing through this ordeal.

We are responsive and easy to connect with all through the process. We are also open and honest to avoid misunderstandings and are committed to providing you with the highest quality service.

As a GAF Certified roofing contractor, ROOF TIGER provides your home with only the best asphalt and metal roofing solutions for your home.

Roof Repair Services

The condition of roofing material, climatic factors, and installation quality all affect how long a roof lasts or passes roof inspection. Natural disasters and other unforeseen occurrences can also cut short the life of a roof. Ergo, you need a roof repair.

The ideal time to address roof damage is immediately upon discovery. Delays can worsen existing issues. The flashing and shingles are vulnerable to water penetration. Wind can easily pick up more shingles if they are missing or broken. A leaky roof can cause thousands of dollars of damage if left untreated.

Roof Storm Damage Services

While roofs are built to survive the elements, storms can wreak havoc on your roof. Hail and wind are the most prevalent damage-causing elements.

Many homeowners have found ROOF TIGER to be an invaluable resource during times of storm-damaged roof replacement. Reach out to ROOF TIGER for help if you’ve been affected by a recent storm.

Identifying roof storm damage is critical for homeowners to swiftly reestablish their home’s structural integrity. Ignoring the issue may cause your house structural damage.

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