Soffit And Fascia 101: What Role These Unsung Heroes Play?

20 August, 2022

If you are a homeowner, then you must know the fact that a proper roofing system is much more than just the roof materials that are used. The roofing materials are popular and important because these are what the whole world will see. But the performance of a roof structure is defined by what goes […]

Everything You Need To Know About EPDM Roofs

19 August, 2022

The roof of your business is a significant and vital investment. A solid commercial roof will help protect the exterior of your business so that you can focus on your work. So, it is essential to choose a suitable roofing material for your commercial building. But it can be tough to know which roofing material is […]

Siding 101: Everything You Need To Know (From Materials To Installation)

18 August, 2022

We give a lot of thought to how our home’s interiors look. But during all this, we should not neglect our home’s exteriors. One essential aspect that needs proper consideration is your home’s siding. Siding plays an important role in protecting your home from elements. But it can also make a huge difference in your […]

What Makes GAF Shingles So Popular Among Homeowners?

17 August, 2022

Are you also looking to install a new shingle roof? Are you fed up with below-par materials that break easily and require constant maintenance? Then we might have a perfect solution for you: GAF Shingles. A solid and intact roof will help keep the wind, rain, snow, and other elements at bay, while a poorly […]

Storm Damaged Roofs: What To Do Next?

16 August, 2022

When a storm strikes, it can be hard to tell if your roof sustained damage & but the signs are easy to look out for. Damaged shingles, nail pops, missing granules, and peeling paint around vents and skylights are all indications that repairs may be necessary. If you wait too long to address these issues, […]

How To Improve Roof Ventilation For A Longer Lasting Roof

15 August, 2022

Whether you live near a busy street or your attic is prone to leaking, improper roof ventilation can do more than ruin your ceiling it can ruin your home. A poorly vented attic can collect moisture and increase the risk of mold growth and structural damage to the entire building. This guide will give you […]

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Roof Maintenance Tips

14 August, 2022

Roofs are an essential part of every building. Your roof provides shelter and protection from the rain, snow, and other elements. While issues with your roof won’t necessarily strike on a regular basis, when they do occur, you’ll want to be prepared. With routine roof maintenance or checkups for your rain gutters and downspouts, chances […]

The Ultimate Guide To Commercial Roof Repair In Peoria, IL

13 August, 2022

When your business is up and running, a reliable roof is the best way to ensure that you stay in operation. Commercial buildings like warehouses, retail storefronts, and food-related establishments should have a roof that can withstand wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures of Illinois. A well-installed roof can last decades with regular maintenance. Still, […]

Your Guide To Roof Boot And Why You Need One

12 August, 2022

When you think about roof boots, you generally think about the fashion-forward sneakers that have been around for a long time. But today, we won’t talk about roof boots that are made for walking. Then what are the roof boots we will talk about, and why should you care? Defining a roof boot isn’t difficult: […]

Hail Damage Repair For Commercial Roof

11 August, 2022

If you live in Illinois or a neighboring state, you’re probably aware of the damage hail can cause to structures. Hailstorms can break windows, damage the structure’s exterior, and, most significantly, destroy or damage the roof. Specifically, if you have got a commercial building in the Midwest, you’re most likely to be in a hailstorm […]

Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofs In Illinois

10 August, 2022

Your house’s roof is the first thing people notice when they lay eyes on it. Roofs bring a home together and add to its aesthetic appeal. There are over a dozen different roof shapes types and materials to choose from. Whatever color, style, or material you choose for your new roof, it must blend in […]

Rain Gutters For Your Home In Illinois

9 August, 2022

Rain gutters and downspouts are an important — and functional — aspect of many homes in Illinois. While they’re primarily used to collect, channel, and carry rainwater runoff away from the foundation and roof, they can also be an aesthetic feature. As a result, it reflects both the heritage of your surroundings and the aesthetic […]

Don’t Get Caught With This Winter Surprise: Ice Dams

8 August, 2022

Winter is around the corner, and so are ice dams. But did you know that ice dams can cause great damage to your roof? If not, read on and find out what a roof ice dam is, how to identify one and why it should matter to you. Ice dams normally form when warm air […]

Everything About Gutters And Downspout In Peoria, IL

7 August, 2022

As you already know, gutters are an important part of the exterior of your house. All homeowners will need to maintain them in some way at some point. But before you set out on getting up high on a ladder and cleaning out the leaves, dirt, and whatever else may be residing inside your downspouts. […]

5 Easy Ways to Prep Your Roof for the Cold Weather

31 May, 2022

Now that autumn is leaving, and winter is on its way, it’s important to think about your roof. With such a large investment, the last thing you want is to watch all of the work you put into it wash down the drain. You’ve already put a lot of love into your home, and now […]